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Remembering who you are- The Arch Angels

Dear Beloved Children of the Light, We come forth this day to beam our love and light into your heart, and your entire being, take a moment and close your eyes and breath deeply feeling out energy swirl about you…Today we speak to your hearts and whole being about remembering who you are at the purest level…you are pure light, pure soul light, and that pure soul light is love…you are pure love…you are perfect just the way you are…in your own uniqueness…in your difference from others…you are beautiful…you are grace…let Nature remind you..take time to be in Nature’s energy grid…tap into that vibrating connection to the Earth… put your bare feet on the Earth and breathe deep…feel this connection that is always here for you…you are connected to everything…the love that runs through you, runs through all living things. We love you Dear Ones, please call upon us at anytime. Thank you, the Arch Angels

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