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Angel Healing: A Personal Experience by Steven A. LaChance

The Popularity of Angel Healing has grown over the years as the interest in Angels has grown. People by the masses are turning to the Angels for all types of healing and energy work within themselves and for a positive influence upon their lives. The question is evident. “Does Angel Healing really work for an individual and does and can it impact the development of a better life, as well as, solve some of our most difficult problems?” My personal answer to this question is yes.

This is an explanation of why I feel this way and a sharing of my personal experience
which has led me to believe that indeed Angels can and do have an impact upon our lives.
What is an Angel?
According to Wikipedia, the word angel in English is a fusion of the Old
English/Germanic word engel (with a hard g) and the Old French angele. Both derive from the Latin angelus which in turn is the romanization of the ancient Greek ἄγγελος (ángelos),
“messenger”, “envoy”, which is related to the Greek verb ἀγγέλλω (angéllō), meaning “bear a message, announce, bring news of” etc. The earliest form of the word is the Mycenaean a-ke-ro attested in Linear B syllabic script.
Well that explains the meaning of the word, but does it really tell us what an Angel
actually is?
Continuing, the theological study of angels is known as “angelology”. In Zoroastrianism
and Abrahamic religions they are often depicted as benevolent celestial beings who act as
intermediaries between Heaven and Earth, or as guardian spirits or a guiding influence.
The term “angel” has also been expanded to various notions of spirits found in many other
religious traditions. Other roles of angels include protecting and guiding human beings, and
carrying out God’s tasks. In art, angels are often depicted with wings on their back, a halo, robes and various forms of glowing light.
Keep in mind, that these are Angels which are referred to in a positive sense or do not
include “The Fallen” or what some religions would refer to as demons. “The Fallen” are Angels outside of heavens graces and the graces of God. This type of Angel will not be discussed any length here.

My personal Experience

For the past several years the idea and existence of Angels has kept being put into my
path of study and reason. Some of this research and understanding has been terrifying to say the least, but the other side of acceptance has been one of the most eye opening experiences of my life.
I do with all of my heart believe through the grace of God and continued understanding of these beings, they have not only changed my life but saved it as well.
Living through one of the most violent demonic haunting situations in recent time it was
impossible not to be bombarded with angelic questions over and over again. In fact, during a
break of the demonic attacks upon my life my youngest son made a statement which was not only profound and sensible considering the situations we were living through, but also one of the most intelligent and simple ideas anyone has ever presented to me. “Dad you went looking for demons now why don’t you go looking for angels.”
From that moment on everytime I turned around not only the idea of, but actual evidence
of angelic influence upon my life was being placed in front of me. It was almost as if God was beating me over the head trying to lead me out of the darkness and show me that there can also be a tremendous amount of light within my life. The only requirement to reach enlightenment was to pay attention to the road in front of me. I needed to understand who was putting the roadblocks in front of me to actually save my sorry soul from the darker side of things and to pay attention to the lessons that were being placed in front of me as well which could also simultaneously lead me to spiritual enlightenment.
The demonic attachment was finally completely released from me in November 2011 when
I went under open heart surgery. I died for 38 seconds on the table and during that very short time of death the ties of of the attachment were completely severed and I came out of the experience a new person with new understanding. The only problem left was that my energy had been severely beaten up by ten years of the attachment. That is when Christia Cummings Slack was clearly put right in the middle of my path to help complete my recovery. She was an Angel Healer.
I entered my Angel Healing therapy with an extreme amount of skepticism. Again, I was
ready to accept evil more clearly than to accept the idea of good and light. I am embarrassed to admit I almost laughed when Christia began to explain the idea of my soul energy and how beaten it had been from the haunting and attachment. However, I had friends you had worked with Christia and she came highly recommended  I was sick and tired, I mean, I was clearly sick and tired in a literal sense. Nothing medical wise seemed to be helping and I felt I was losing a grip on all of the advances I had made in my health through surgery and medications. The one thing you notice on the road to improvement is how beat up you actually are once you start to fix things. Once one problem is fixed it clears the way for another problem you did not know you had. It can feel like an endless spiral downward physically. There I was during my first session skeptical as hell feeling more sick and tired than I ever had in my life.
I went through the first session with part of me feeling like it was a futile attempt and the
other half of me feeling a bit silly as I closed my eyes and let Christia do the work I had came for her to do. After she finished with the first session she instructed me to get plenty of rest and drink plenty of fluids. I agreed half heartedly thinking that it was the same advice my mother had always given me when I had the flu, but if I was going to try this I was willing to follow the instructions completely. To my surprise within 24 hours I began to feel much better. I could feel a rise in energy as well.
There were to be nine sessions in all to complete what she called repairing my soul energy
and to bring my vibration up to where it needed to be. During those sessions, I had numerous strange occurrences happen to me. During one session I kept smelling the different smells of flowers. Now I live with my 21 year son Elliot and the closest thing to smelling good is our deodorant, Axe, and cologne. Nothing which would smell like the subtle smell of a rose or some other kind of flower. The floral smells left immediately once the session was completed. I told Christia what I had been smelling and her answer was that was a sign the Angels had been present doing their work. I was confused by the event because I know what I had smelled and it left me wondering if what she said was actually true. I tore apart the couch, loveseat, livingroom looking for the culprit of the smells and I found nothing.
The sessions would usually last about 30 minutes. During the fifth session Christia started
the session the way she normally did and within what seemed like two minutes I heard her
saying, “How was that?” I could feel a strong pulse of energy going through my body in waves which was the first thing to confuse me and then I asked Christia why it had only taken a few minutes this time? She told me that we had done a whole thirty minutes. I looked at the clock.
She was right we had done a whole thirty minutes. I explained to her what had happened to me and she responded telling me that the Angels must have put me under to do some major work.
Again I left the session confused, but this time with this strange pulsing energy going through my body which took a good hour to subside. The strange thing on that day is I immediately felt better. I knew there was something happening within my body, but what that something was I could not tell you.
The sessions continued and I looked forward to each session and the feeling of wellness
and peace I would feel after each one. My energy began to increase. My attitude became more and more positive with each passing session. I literally began to feel whole again. I began to feel like the person I was before all of the hurtful things in my life and the haunting. Was this the actual result of Angelic healing? I found part of my personal answer when I talked to my daughter and told her about the sessions and how they were making me feel. Not only was I feeling like my old self again, but I was also making positive moves within my life and was getting results. “Dad prayer is meditation. What I believe she is teaching you is meditation through prayer and the results are coming from God himself.” Now I have always strongly believed in the power of prayer for others but I had never really put the power of prayer to use for myself. I believe that was part of it, but I also believed there was something else happening. Hypnosis could be part of it and the physical response the human body has with tones was another. But still there was something else.
I know something positive is and was happening during these sessions. Something I could
not explain was happening to me not only on a physical level but wholly as a person. With each passing session the more results were happening. I could go into to the specifics but some things should remain personal. The only thing I can say is I was not only feeling but I was getting well with each passing session. Christia was doing exactly what she said she could do. She was even doing it through my skepticism and negativity. She was making a believer out of me and now I would highly reccomend her to any of my friends. I am not saying she is a miracle worker who can cure everything life has to offer. Nothing should completely replace medical science, but the Angel Healing along with medical science now seems a logical way to go. I am now taking the same approach to my health and well being which I take with any of my Haunting cases. I take the three level approach which is medical, psychological, and spiritual. All three have to be in tune for your body and life to work effectively and positively. If one of these things are off then the other will fail. I would recommend Christia Cummings Slack for spiritual healing and understanding to anyone I know. It just works.
Steven has been a featured guest on several radio stations across the US, the UK, Canada, Asia,
and parts of South Africa. Steven is not a stranger to television interviews either and has had many
interviews published in newspapers and magazines across the US. In October of 2006, “Fear House”
premiered as the first show of the third season on the Discovery Channels, “A Haunting.” This show
featured Steven and the story of the Union Haunting and went onto be rated one of the more popular
episodes of that series. In addition, he has been interviewed and filmed for inclusion in numerous
paranormal documentaries. Steven is also a published author. His short story was published by Barnes
and Noble in 2006, and he is a contributor to magazines dealing with paranormal activity. In 2008, “The
Uninvited” was released by Llewellyn Worldwide as a major project. The book received critical acclaim
finding its way onto many “best of” lists. “The Uninvited” was also released in a French version in 2010.
Steven was also included in the books “Weird Hauntings” and “Weird Missouri.” His book “Crazy” hit
the scene in the fall of 2010 with great reviews and also found its way onto “best of” lists for that year.
Steven has appeared on numerous television and radio programs. Steven has also completed a
documentary for the Fifth Season DVD release of Warner Home Videos Supernatural, the popular
television series about two brothers that hunt demons. His new book, Blessed are the Wicked: The
Terrifying Sequel to The Uninvited, makes its debut September 2014.

Power Of 9 Angel Healing with Christia

Power Of 9 Angel Healing with Christia

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