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Love is the Answer- The Angels

Dear Beloved Children of the Light, we come forth this day singing our Love and Joy into your heart of hearts. Dear Ones, we come forth to remind you the LOVE is always the answer. Love is always the way. Love is always the path. Even in the face of stress, strife, and difficult times Love truly is the answer. Please be kind to yourselves, gentle with yourselves first and foremost. Dear Ones, treating yourself with Love and Kindness will ripple out into your world and come back to you Dear Ones tenfold. We wish you for Dear Ones, nothing but Peace, Love, and Joy. Remember to bring laughter to your hearts. Bring Peace to your hearts. Bring Joy to your hearts. Dear Ones, this moment is the perfect moment to begin. Take a deep breath and be at peace with joy and love in your hearts. Please know we are sending you all of our Love right now. We love you Dear Ones, please call on us at any time. Thank you, The Angels

Blooming Heart of the World

Blooming Heart of the World

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