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Be Joy- The Angels

Dear Beloved Children of the Light, We come forth this day reminding you that you are PURE LIGHT. Yes, that is right, you are pure Light, and that Light is Pure Love and JOY. Each one of you is programmed to hold the purest Love, Light, and Joy. Each one of you are empathic, feeling everything and knowing on the deepest level. Currently in you 3D world most of you have forgotten this, or have been discouraged to believe in this gift of power you are. We are here to remind you and as you read these words we are sending our Pure Love and Light into your hearts to help gently awaken to this awareness again. To awaken to the fact that you are Pure Light, Pure Love, and Pure Joy. We challenge you all to choose the path of JOY. As you go throughout your day, ask yourself “Will this bring me JOY?”, if the answer is YES, then jump for joy and go for it. If the answer is slow to come, keep asking. If the answer is “NO!” then move on, there are million of choices for everything and every situation. Even the ones we “have” to do, choose to perform the chore in a more fun way. Change your routine, put a skip in your step. Try to find the good in your day and with the people who you live, work, and play with. Embrace your JOY! Embrace who you truly are at the very core of your soul. You are LIGHT, You are JOY, You are LOVE!! Believe and watch your world begin to shift. We love you Dear Ones, and are ALWAYS her for you! Thank you, The Angels

From Smiling Heart Garden of Delights Coloring Book

A Smiling Heart in the Garden of Delights 

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