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The Angels Gift for you!

The Angels Gift to you!
Healing Light with the Angels and Christia!

The Angels wish for Everyone NOW to experience Healing Energy, the New Earth Energies, and the Love that is all around them. They have asked that I communicate that they are using me, Christia, as an instrument to bring through these pure love and light energies. Healing sessions are important to help integrate all of these New Earth energies.

Through out the Holy Days I AM now offering these new service specials.

Channeled Message from your Guardian Angel
by email $20 (reg. $25)

An Angel Card Reading by email $20 (reg. $25)

TWO 1/2 an hour sessions with the Angels
by phone/Skype 45 USD
This 1/2 an hour price is normally $45 for ONE!
Give as a gift or keep for yourself!

Offer expires Dec. 31, 2012

Visit My NEW site:

Angel Heart Blessings
Sending Healing to the Earth and all its inhabitants!

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