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Manifesting with the Angels Tele-Class

Manifesting with the Angels

A Step by Step Approach to Get Your Heart’s Desire
Tuesday Evening
December 4th and December 11th 2012
2 2hr Tele-classes 9pm EST $44

Let the Angels help you manifest a new job, better friendships, deepen relationships, a new love, to be in flow of your abundance and money. Now is the time to let the old go and make room for the New You for the New Year. 

The Angels will be giving practical tools in a step by step approach to get your heart’s desire. Don’t know your heart’s desire? That’s ok too, the Angels will offer tools to uncover your heart’s yearning.
Upon registration I will ask you to write down your goals, I will channel a personal message for you from the Angels to help you achieve your heart’s desire. During class we will go step by step to release the past and the can’ts, get clear on what it is your heart truly desires, opening to your natural flow of abundance, asking for your hearts desire, then letting it go, so it can come back to you. Upon registration phone number and pass code will be given. Register before 11/23/2012 and receive 1/2 hr Angel Heart Session FREE! Register at my site:

Manifesting Abundance Activator 1
made using Primatek mineral pigments tourqoise and amazanite


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