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Heart of the World- The Arch Angels

Dear Beloved Children of the Light, We come forth this day to bring our Love into your hearts! Dear Ones, we want you to feel us, open your hearts to feel our Love pouring into your hearts like rays of sunshine! Let our Love Light fill up your heart and let it spill over into your entire body, so then every cell of your body has our Love Light beaming brightly! Dear Ones, we know things have not been easy for you on your Planet, but you are in the midst of great change, the changing of the guard so to speak, and whenever there is a change such as this, well Dear Ones, the truth of the matter is, never before has this happened, never before has any human experienced exactly what you all are experiencing NOW! Never before, so Dear Ones, open your heart, receive our Love Light, and join your heart with the heart of your Beloved Planet Earth. Heart to Heart you will come through this Shift of the Ages! That is the key Dear Ones, “The Heart”. We love you Dear Ones, more than  you know, please call upon us at anytime, Thank  you, the Arch Angels


Breathe the LOVE all around you- The Arch Angels

Dear Beloved Children of the Light, We come forth this day to beam our Love into your heart of hearts. It is with great JOY that we share with you in your renewal, your spring is upon you and your Beloved Earth Mother awakens from Her slumber and Dear Ones, she asks for you to awaken with Her. Awaken from your slumber of not remembering who you really are, for Dear Ones, you are far, far more than you could ever imagine. Take a deep breath, with each breath you can begin to tap into who you are. Humans love to over complicate matters, the emotional bodies love a good drama, this not have to be! Allow yourself space and time to practice breathing, breathing in the love already around you, in the air you breathe, your Angel Teams are currently pouring love into the molecules in the space surrounding you. So with every breath you are breathing in love from your Angels, love from God. Dear Ones, you are so loved by so many. Remember to call on us at anytime, we love you, Thank you, The Arch Angels


Ho'pono'pono Angel


Walk the path your heart guides you on- The Angels

Dear Beloved Children of the Light, We come forth this day to send love into your hearts! We want to remind you that things are speeding up in your world. Things are not always as they appear to be. On the surface it may look as if nothing is changed, but we assure you Dear Ones, nothing is the same!! Change is upon you and we encourage you to go with the flow. Let go of your need to control, let go of your need to know the outcome, let go you your need to hold on to 3D life as it has been. The tide is changing and we welcome the NEW Light in, the NEW Love in, and the NEW Earth! We encourage you to spend as much time in Nature as possible. This will help your energy balance with the changes on your planet. Let yourself BE in Nature, watch the birds, butterflies, and bees dancing, walk the path your heart guides you to go on. Dear Ones, all is truly well, no matter how it may appear to be. We love you Dear Ones, and are always here for you. Please call on us at anytime for anything. Thank you, The Angels.

Circle of Trees Mandala

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