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Be True Blue, Be True to YOU!

Dear Beloved Children of the Light, We step forth this day to remind you to be true to you! Be true to your own heart! Whatever that truth may be. And Dear Ones, it’s perfectly OK to BE YOU! We encourage you to STOP comparing yourself to anybody and every body!!! Each one of you is unique, you were created to be unique, with your own unique frequency signature. Yes some of you are similar, but each one of you is unique unto yourself. No two Souls have the same frequency signature. We have brought forth this crystal configuration to anchor┬áthis signature frequency into your realm. The Blue colors of these particular crystals are helping you to awaken your own inner Soul uniqueness, calling your Soul home to where you currently are in the Universe. Breathe and sit a while with this energy. Let it do its magic. Dear Ones, it is time for you to BE YOU, ALL OF YOU. You are magnificent beings of LIGHT and Pure LOVE. It has been an illusion that you are anything but this. There is more to come. We love you Dear Ones, Thank you, The Ascended Higher Archangels and the Legions of Light

Be True Blue, Be True to YOU!

Be True Blue, Be True to YOU!

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