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Garden of the Heart with Lady Venus

Garden of the Heart

Venus Rainbow Mandala- This is the pattern Venus travels around our Earth.

 “Dear Beloved Children of the Light, it is I Lady Venus, I come forth this bright Light filled day with pure Love Joy in my heart for you All. I am closer than ever and as I pass by you while you dream, remember who you truly are in your heart of hearts, Dear Ones. My energy brings pure Love to you on all levels and All Dimensions. Foretold long ago your Soul’s have been waiting in longing for my passing-Your Hearts know me, For they have felt my dance around your Beloved Mother Earth. My dance pattern is significant, I dance the Sacred Rose Heart Dance, creating a beautiful Rose around the Beloved Mother Earth. My passing has been Divinely timed to Awaken your Divine Feminine Light Vibration in all cells living on your planet. This Rose Love Activation is taking place in Nature all around in every living thing! This begins the New World of Love, New Heart Pure Love Light Energy, in every cell in Every Living Thing, down to the tiniest being. Welcome to the New Earth Garden of the Heart. Your Heart has far more Divine Intelligence than your Brain. Allow your heart to take the lead in your dance! Surround yourself with everything that makes your heart sing, Heart Joy is now your new guide! Let your love shine your way Dear Ones! At last my love returns to fully bloom in your hearts and upon your Beloved Mother Earth. For she is my Sister in the Light and She needs your love and prayers. Send Her Your love and attention, spend time with Her, cultivate a garden in Her Beloved Soil, Get to know Her Again! As a child you knew Her well. Let your inner child of the Light come out again to play among Her trees, plants, and animals. I am in deep service to you all. I am in Love with you all. I am Lady Venus. Thank you Dear Ones, Love to All.

2012 New Earth Garden of the Heart Activation

9 week Tele-Class
Tues. 9pm EST
beginning New Moon June 19th-August 14th

This class is ushered in on the Venus Transit energy. Lady Venus will be our guide on this journey into the Heart. This transit will not happen for another 100+ years. The Beloved Planet Venus travels around the Earth and as she does she creates a Rose pattern that has been used by the Ancients in temples, stain glass, and labyrinths. This is our time to Bloom into our Unique Divine Soul Light. Each class is a guided meditation into Your Garden of your heart. Guided by Lady Venus and the Angels you will experience:

-Deep Peace
-Soul Light Activations
-New Earth 2012 Activation
– Alignment of Multi-Dimensional selves
-Your Soul will become the pilot of your Human Consciousness
-Align with your true creative self
– Align with kindness, playfulness, love, and beauty
-Personal channeled messages by Lady Venus and The Angels
– and much more!

Investment $99

See my website for sign-up
Upon registration phone number and pass code will be sent out

In your inbox each week you will receive:

Each class is recorded in MP3 format for your listening at a later date
Each class will have a Garden of the Heart Sacred Art Activator to integrate the energies of the class. 

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