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Events, Classes and Update!

Greetings! I have not been publishing my channelings of late because I have been using them in Angelic Heart Oracle Cards & book, my private coaching sessions and my classes.  I also have a new oracle card & book I am currently channeling as well. So my channelings have been being used that way. When I originally started this blog it was a platform for my channeling with the Angels and my art that was inspired by those. I have grown greatly for that work, and it led me into using that channeling energy with one on one Earth Angels, commissioned soul art, and classes with those Earth Angels. Please like my facebook page or go to my website and sign up for my newletter if you wish to keep up with current happenings, art, The Daily Grid, and channelings. This Sunday we will be in prayer at 4:44 pm EST for the world. Please join us if you can! Prayer is powerful and concentrating on wrapping the Earth and all Her inhabitants in Love Light! You can read more about the Global Light Day on my site. Also I am teaching a FREE class on Meet Your Guardian Angel and that is this Tuesday, Sept. 1st, at 10pmEST. This class will be recorded and the recording will be available the next day. I am deeply grateful for this deeper connection to the Angelic Realm, My Highest Soul Self, Ascended Beings, and Source. Much love and light to you all, Christia

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Heart of the Universe- The Arch Angels

Heart of the Universe

Heart of the Universe


Dear Beloved Children of the Light, We come forth this day to beam our Love and Light into your hearts! We are so excited to bring you LOVE from the Whole Wide Universe! Every atom, every star, every planet in the Universe is cheering the Human’s of the Earth on, to Awaken to who you really are at the core of your Light Being! To uncover your pure radiant Light Self! We ask for you to meditate among the Stars and Planets…..practice being out among this Light energy….feel yourself soaking in this Love…and Light particles. Breathe in the Star Light! Let yourself merge with the Universe. Feel the deep connection to the Star Light. You are made up of the Stars, You are Star Light! Practice being this Light, practice feeling this Light. You are truly unlimited Light Beings of unlimited potential! You are capable of so much more than you have been shown or told. All of your gifts are accessible NOW, more than ever before. There are no more blocks or buffers from the magnificence of who you truly are at your core being! NO holding back from your Light! No more hiding or shying away from your Light! Come out into the world and shine your Light and Love for all the world to see! The Universe needs you to shine your Heart Light and merge with the Heart of the Universe! We love you Dear Ones, and we are always here for you. Just call upon us at anytime! Thank you, The Arch Angels




In your heart- The Arch Angels

Dear Beloved Children of the Light, we come forth this day to beam our love and light into your heart of hearts, we are so eager to connect with you on this level, the heart level. Your heart Dear Ones, holds the treasure you seek upon your Earth. Your heart is the Key to EVERYTHING! We encourage you to get to know your inner heart, what is it saying? Are you listening? Are you following? Are you allowing? Dear Ones, your heart asks for you to take time out and listen. To be in deep connection with your heart, it maybe painful at first to look where you have not wanted to go, but the rewards will be worth the look. See your heart as a beautiful flower opening petal by petal as you discover lost parts of your heart and soul. Dear Ones, we will speak to you through this heart. We will speak through your heart and always with encouragement and love. Your heart center is your true intelligence  if you have not listened in a while, no worries, it is there waiting patiently for you. Always there and full of love, compassion, and support. Ask for our help with any pain, sadness, grief you might find there….we are here to help, but you must ask,as soon as you do, we will beam our love even stronger into your heart! We love you Dear Ones, and are always here for you! Thank you, The Arch Angels

Feel us in your heart- The ArchAngels

Dear Beloved Children of the Light, we come forth this day to beam our love into your hearts! We ask you Dear Ones to take time out from your daily 3D lives and to create a  quiet, peaceful space in which to BE in. We ask that you practice BEING in this quiet, peaceful space. As you sit and BE in this personal sacred space open your heart and begin to FEEL us in your heart. Dear Ones, as you make conscious connection with us through your heart center we can begin to deliver our LOVE and LIGHT on all levels to you. Your heart center is really the generator for your entire being on all levels, through all dimensions, across time. It is the prime location for your true intelligence. Your heart is the pure place where magic can happen. Practice Dear Ones, spending time in your quiet, peaceful space BEING in your HEART. We love you Dear Ones, and please call upon us at anytime. Thank you, The Arch Angels


Please take time to visit my new website dedicated to classes and products with the Angels.

I have just created a brand new spray: Angel Heart Reiki Blessings, it is literally Angelic Energy in a bottle!

Angel Heart Reiki Blessings

Angel Heart Reiki Blessings Spray





12/21/2012 FREE teleclass

We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Earth!

Prayers, Meditations and Activation’s for Christ Light, Divine Love and Peace for the New Earth! 
Many people are praying on 21 December 2012, for the magnificent Shift, and end of a 26,000 year galactic cycle and the beginning of a wonderful new cycle of time.
Join us to celebrate Peace, Light and Love of the New Earth.

For all stressful situations (especially over Christmas holiday time) and to challenging relationships please allow forgiveness to be the key.
To neutralise all circumstances please repeat this prayer
Ho’oponopono Prayer
I am sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, Thank you

Date and Time:12/21/2012 12:00 PM ( Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Conference Access Number:1-218-632-0209
Conference Passcode:264357

Jayne Chilkes has had 32 years experience as a Healer, Soul Channel, Therapist and Teacher.She has written three books The Call of an Angel, Twelve Steps to Heaven and The New DNA. She now offer sixteen levels of DNA and New Earth Activations plus Soul Channeling.
 For further information about personal DNA and New Earth Activations and SoulChanneling with Jayne: email

“Jayne is an instrument of the the Divine. She has been given these codes and tools to help us on this physical plane with our Ascension. She is a pure channel of the Highest Love and Light. You must experience these healing systems. They are truly amazing!” CC, Georgia 

I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you

I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you

The Angels Gift for you!

The Angels Gift to you!
Healing Light with the Angels and Christia!

The Angels wish for Everyone NOW to experience Healing Energy, the New Earth Energies, and the Love that is all around them. They have asked that I communicate that they are using me, Christia, as an instrument to bring through these pure love and light energies. Healing sessions are important to help integrate all of these New Earth energies.

Through out the Holy Days I AM now offering these new service specials.

Channeled Message from your Guardian Angel
by email $20 (reg. $25)

An Angel Card Reading by email $20 (reg. $25)

TWO 1/2 an hour sessions with the Angels
by phone/Skype 45 USD
This 1/2 an hour price is normally $45 for ONE!
Give as a gift or keep for yourself!

Offer expires Dec. 31, 2012

Visit My NEW site:

Angel Heart Blessings
Sending Healing to the Earth and all its inhabitants!

Trust your gut- The Angels

Dear Beloved Children of the Light, We come forth this day to bring our love into your hearts this day! We are so proud of your Soul’s progress, Dear Ones there is even more to come. We ask that you open wide to hold more Joy, more Love, more Light then ever before. No Humans ever in your his-story have held as much Light as you are now being asked to anchor through your physical form. And this is only going to increase over the next few months. As your humanity approaches the pivotal 12:12 Gate we ask that you stay AWAKE, open your HEARTS more than ever before. TRUST yourselves, TRUST your gut and your hunches, Listen only to your own personal truths, unplug from the mass consciousness. It is time Dear Ones, It is TIME! Spend as much time in Nature with the Earth as possible, send Her your love and gratitude. We love you Dear Ones, and are here for you. Thank you, The Angels

Deva of Trumpet Flower
watercolor on Fabriano
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