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The Daily Grid with the Archangels

Crystal Grids help anchor positive energy in a space. Depending on the specific crystals and design will depend on the energy being anchored. Sacred Geometry is used in the placement of the grid. 
I have used grids for years and Spirit has been wanting me to begin sharing this knowledge so I am doing that with my “The Daily Grid” Today’s grid is a Medicine Wheel with stones from Sacred Sites, carnelian, larimar, aquarmarine, smokey leurmarian crystal, aqua aura, clear quartz. This daily grid is to celebrate how we are all interconnected. We are all part of the great circle of life. 

The Daily Grid Medicine Wheel

The Daily Grid
Medicine Wheel


Awakening Your Heart Wisdom  
Tele-Class Workshop
Christia Cummings-Slack and Jayne Chilkes

New Angelic Heart Cards
A Secret Path to Freedom Book Celebration

Saturday May 17, 2014
2pm EST 

Come and Join us as we celebrate the Awakening of Your Heart Wisdom!

Christia will share insights from her Angelic Heart Oracle Cards.
She will be sharing some meditations and prayers for your Awakening Heart Wisdom. 

Jayne will be discussing the Shift of Consciousness and a New Paradigm on Earth and introducing peaceful, loving ways of daily living.The meditations she will offer will be based on some of the following:

Eight Daily Communions with the New Earth

“If you could feel even a particle of divine love, so great would be your joy − so overpowering − you could not contain it.” Yogananda

Heart – your heart remains open with Divine Love to all. Meditate on all four chambers of the heart lit up with Gods Divine Love and send that Love out to all you know and to the whole planet. Be kind, compassionate and unconditional to all, including yourself.

New Earth Living – continue to see your role on the New Earth, living with pristine waters, clean air, respect for Mother Earth, New Earth communities living in Integrity, Harmony and Peace, with new advanced technologies in harmony with Nature and a new Renaissance of the Arts. Add your own visions for a New Earth.

Peace – create Peace within, Balance, and Inner Joy every day.

Gratefulness – be grateful for all things in life, even the small things. Be grateful for family and friends, your well being, abundance in all areas of your life and material comforts.

Forgiveness – forgive others; forgive yourself and your past. Release all negative thoughts, habits and programs in your conscious mind, subconscious mind, DNA, Akashic Records and body. This allows your mind, body and spirit to return to Positivity, Health and Love.

Prayer and Meditation– commune with Mother Father God, your Angels, Masters, Guides and Twin Flame. Trust and know their Love and Protection. Pray for others, their well being and your own, and ask that your questions be answered. Meditate and empty your mind with no thinking. Breathe deeply.

New Earth Love Frequency – intend that all of your body, DNA, mind, spirit and etheric bodies maintain higher vibration of New Earth Love, the New Earth God Codes and more. Utilize New Earth meditations and activation information.

Fulfillment – live true to your self, your heart, your life purpose and be creative. Offer random acts of kindness. Bless all people, animals, plants and minerals and Mother Earth every day as you are walking anywhere.

Christia will be offering all participants email readings as a bonus!

Investment $33 
Phone and passcode will be sent once payment is received 

To purchase Jayne’s New Book:



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