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Animal Healing Medicine Wheel- The Deva of Animal Healing

Animal Healing Medicine Wheel

Animal Healing Medicine Wheel

Dear Beloved’s , I come forth this day to speak to you about our Mother Earth and Her children, the animal kingdom. There is an interconnected web of Light that runs through and connects all of life. I being a Deva of Animal Healing, I help with this refined higher energy web, making sure the web is flowing and connected to the animals and Her, the Mother Earth. As she breathes, she energizes this web with Her Love and Light, and the animals feel this breath. As she has been changing and shifting moving into the Higher Frequencies of the New Earth, the animals have been feeling this changing and shifting. As some of you have experienced, sometimes your beloved pets feel this and move out of the physical denser energies and shift form into the Higher Frequencies. As your heart grieves the loss of your pet, please know they are released into the pure Love Light and are completely at peace. And they continue to be with you in Spirit, sending their love to you. They love you so much. They agreed long ago to make sacrifice to be a pet to bring there unconditional love to you and their frequency of pure love and light into your life. Always there, always caring and nurturing your spirit in good time and bad. Call upon my healing energies for your beloved pets. I am never far away. Thank you, The Deva of Animal Healing

A note from Christia: A Deva is a higher more refined angelic energy of pure light love energy. They do not have a human shape, they are a pure energy being, pure consciousness, pure love. There is a Deva for all living natural things, plants, animals, trees, rocks, etc.



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