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Love frequency- The Ascended Higher Archangels

Dear Beloved Children of the Light, we come forth this day to beam our LOVE frequencies into your heart matrix. We are closer and available more than ever before. We have had the privilege of NOW working ever so closer with each and every one of you. We are currently working in tandem with your Beloved Mother Earth as she shifts into Her new Higher Frequency role. Each and every one of you have stepped up into a Higher Version of Yourselves and we are so grateful and proud! Humanity is Lighting UP! Allowing more Love and Light into the grid than ever before! We are so excited and again grateful, for without you Dear Ones, none of this would be possible. So please celebrate with us, by being kind and loving towards yourselves! Please call upon us at anytime! We are here for you! We love you! Thank you, The Ascended Higher Archangels


Blue Angel Rainbow Mandala series

Blue Angel
Rainbow Mandala series


A Note From Christia

Greetings, thank you for following my blog. I have been writing two new books, that are now being published this month by Red Orchid Publishing. I realized today that I had not posted any channeling for a while, and I do apologize. My attention and writings have been focused on these projects. My Angelic Heart Oracle Cards & book being published is a lifelong dream manifesting. To have my Art in a divination deck is truly a blessing and I am so grateful for all the love and support from you, the Angels, and all the other unseen helpers!! My other project is Angel Heart Reiki Workbook-Creative Healing with the Angelic Realm it has 3 New Reiki symbols given to my by the Angelic Realm, to help us on the planet at this time. It is an interactive workbook! Thank you! As soon as they are ready for sale I will share links. Thank you again, many blessings, Christia

Angelic Life Coaching w/ Christia, the Angels, and Your Angel Team

“Christia’s Angelic Life Coaching helped me to really see and feel what I need to be focusing on right now.”- Sara H., N.Y.

Angelic Life Coaching

What: Angelic Life Coaching is consciously co creating a life you want to live with your Angel Team assistance.

Why: Angelic Life Coaching is perfect when going through life changes, challenges, and wanting to manifest your dreams and heart’s desires.

Are there goals you haven’t met yet?

Dreams you given up on?

Are you living your Soul’s Purpose?

Do you get excited for each new day?

Do you know your Soul’s Purpose?

Do you know why you are here?

If you do are you on your path?

Are you manifesting your Soul’s Purpose?

Maybe you thought you did, but now you seem to be stuck.

These questions and more can be covered in an Angelic Life Coaching Session. I bring my vast gifts to the table during a session. Depending on the knowing, or not knowing of where you are on your Soul Life path is where we will begin. In a session we might do healing, reading, and mediation. More thank likely there will be homework given. You must be willing to do the work if you want to live the life your Soul is meant to live Right Here, Right NOW!

Who: Christia Cummings-Slack is a certified Angelic Life Coach and Angel Medium. She has been helping others with the assistance of the Angels for over 18 years.

“When I do my readings and healings I am opening myself to allow Heaven and the Angels to come through for you. One of my gifts is helping you “Feel” the presence of your Angels. My voice carries Angelic Frequencies to help you relax, let down walls, barriers that you are carrying. The more open you are the easier it is for the Angels to help you and work in and through you. It is a team effort to manifest here in 3D. You are part of your Angel Team!”

When: The frequency and number of sessions vary from person to person. There are no set rules when working with the Angels.

For example: An individual working on manifesting big life changes and shifts might like to do a set number of sessions for support along the way.

9 sessions would be broken down for example:

The 1st set of 3 sessions is done 1 week apart of each other.

The 2nd set of 3 sessions is done 2 weeks apart of each other.

The 3rd set of 3 sessions is done 3 weeks apart of each other.


Angelic Life Coaching is can be done from the comfort of your home, by phone or Skype.

What is my investment?

I am offering a 3 session package for $150 until the end of February 2014.

Individual sessions are $60 until the end of February 2014.

March 1st 2014 pricing will be as follows:

1 session $75

3 sessions package $202

9 sessions package $606


Angelic Life Coaching

Angelic Life Coaching

New Year Angels

Greetings Dear Ones! Happy New Year and Happy New Moon! We are living in miracle times! The energies are just asking for us to put our dreams and wishes out there to manifest and bring to us our hearts desire! This New Years Eve take time to light a white candle, call in your Angel Teams, and do this Release/Renew Ritual to welcome in the New Years energies! The New Year’s Eve is the time to write down what you would like to release, let go of, be done with….then read it out loud….then burn it. As it burns know that it is transforming and transmuting into New Energies for the New Year! Then take time to write down what you would like to bring to you this New Year, what are your hopes, dreams, wishes? Go for it! Think and Dream BIG!!!! Then when done writing, read out loud and burn as well, releasing your prayers to the Universe and New Year Angels! Then spend some time in prayer and meditation while looking at the white candle flame, as the candle light dances, allow this light to spread and see your Light shining brightly out from your heart into your room, then out around your living space, then out into the world. Know that as you expand your Souls Light out you are connecting with others expanding their Lights, and then you may see a web around the Earth, of this heart light joining together! Take a deep breath, feel this connection! Practice this Dear Ones! Feeling this connection to the great web of  Love Light around our Beloved Planet Earth! Love to you all and New Year Blessings to you all!! I have been guided to offer New Year specials and you can find these on my home page! Namaste Angels, Christia Angel Medium and the Ascended Higher Angels


Embrace your Light! The Ascended Archangels

Dear Beloved Children of the Light! Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice in the Return of the Light! We surround your Earth this day in the Highest of Love and Light! We bring forth the most magnificent pure Love Light from the Ascended Higher Realms for each one of you and your Beloved Mother Earth! Take a moment and close your eyes and breathe in this Love Light, it is a myriad of colors, a Rainbow Ray of Love Light, flowing in easy and effortlessly in and around you with your breath. Be with this for a few moments, practice being with these new frequencies flowing down into your dimension. The Divine Gateways of the Ascended Realms have opened and what was once restricted now flows easily, connect with these Ascended Higher Frequencies of Love Light. Allow the Love Light into your Heart. Allow yourself to feel your Soul’s Light embrace these Ascended Higher Frequencies of Love Light. Dear Ones, as you open to these Higher frequencies it will become easier and easier as your body entrains to these Higher Love Light energies. Dear Ones, Ask your Angels for assistance with this, spend time connecting, listening, being and embracing who you are, your LIGHT! We love you Dear Ones, and are grateful this day to make this heart connection with you all. Thank you, The Ascended Archangels


Look for us everywhere! Your Angel Teams


Dear Beloved Children of the Light, We come forth this day to beam our love and light into your hearts!! Please know that as the LIGHT grows each day on your Beloved Planet Earth that so does the miracle for you to see, hear, feel, and sense us more and more. The frequency gap is closing, what was once a giant leap of energy is now not so far! Perception is key! Dear Ones, we ask that you begin to be on the look out for us! Expect to see and experience us working through others daily on your Beloved Planet Earth. More and more Souls are awakening and asking “How can I be of service? How can I help make it better for all” and their Angel Teams, Soul Family, and Guides are all assisting these open and awakened Soul’s. We know if you are reading these words you are already doing this or getting ready to open to your Soul’s Light and Purpose even more! Have no worries Dear Ones, all is in High Divine Order. Just know that we are with you and helping you every step of the way! We love you all so very much, more than you can imagine. Please call upon us at anytime. Thank you, Your Angel Teams



Angel Communication 101 Tele-Class

Angel Communication 101 

Learn to begin to establish a connection with your Guardian Angel and Angel Team. 

You will learn/experience:
-Active Prayer
-Releasing fears/blocks to Higher Frequencies
-Grounding/Centering to begin to open to Angelic Energy
-Visualization/Meditation to feel/experience your Angels
-and more!
This is a tele-class that will be recorded. After class a MP3 recording will be emailed to all students. Upon registration phone number and pass code will be given.

Thursday Nov. 7th @ 9pm EST $22

Healing with the Angels- The Angel Team

Healing with the Angels

Healing with the Angels


Dear Beloved Children of the Light, We fly forth this day to beam our LOVE into your hearts! We are so excited to bring to you this day our NEW Love Light energies! We are NEW this day with NEW EARTH LOVE LIGHT ENERGIES! New patterns, new shapes, new colors, new plants, new species of animals, the NEW! All in perfect alignment with the New Earth Ascension! Each one of you are experiencing you own personal ascension in consciousness, each one of you are unique in your awakening to your Divine Soul Light patterning!

Take a moment and close your eyes, see a beautiful light at the top of your head flowing into your head, look at the diameter to which the stream of Light flows in, see this diameter increasing, so that the flow of the Light increases in through your Crown chakra….this is your pure Soul Light, your Soul at the purest form, a beautiful stream of energy, pure stream of Love Light electric frequency, that loves you unconditionally. Breathe with this stream, your stream of Love, your Soul Light….breathe, flowing with the Love that you are! You are Love!

Dear Ones, we are all around you! We are here! Sending our love and support to you! Please call upon at any time! Just because your human eyes can not see us currently, does not mean we are not near you! Waiting on you to call us in!!! Call upon us! We love you! Thank you, The Angel Healing Team

A note from Christia: This is the team of Angels I have been hearing, seeing, feeling for most of my life. As I work with them daily personally and professionally I am amazed how I shift deeper into knowing my Angelic Self, and helping others know theirs. It is quite humbling experience. Thank you for reading my channeling and opening to them, the Angels. Namaste

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