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Celebrating Peace with the Angels

angel of peaceCome Join me tonight to Anchor Peace in our hearts with the Angels through color, light, and sound! love to you all, Christia ❤

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
May All Beings Be Happy

Om Shantih Shantih Shantihi
May All Be in Peace

Calling in the Angels of Peace and the Archangels and their Legions of Light we will be guided in meditation to bring deep peace to ourselves, and begin to radiate out that peace into our lives. This guided meditation is like a pebble in a large pond, rippling out, out, out into your consciousness. Your Higher Self, Angel Team will make sure your receiving exactly what you need for energetic support at this time.
Please always have water on hand. Be in a space where you can relax and have complete focus in the present moment. You may want to have pen and paper handy to record thoughts or experiences. Remember this is your time, your time to connect with your Higher Self, Your Angel Team, and the Angelic Realm.

Intuitive Expansion Workshop Series

Intuitive Expansion Workshop Series

In this workshop series you will experience Connecting with Your Soul, your Higher Self through meditation, visualization, conscious expansion exercises, and other practical tools.
By working in the etheric realm, trusting yourself inner guidance, and learning to decode messages from Spirit you will begin to align with your true Soul Blueprint. We will travel to the Askasic Record Hall and you will have a chance to look within your Soul’s Divine Blueprint book.
This class is for those who are interested in expanding their current inner awareness of themselves and their world around them.

Class is going to be limited to 6 people.
6 week class

You must make a commitment to do the homework and to participate in class.
Class will be recorded and emailed the following day.
This is a tele-class that will be recorded via MP3.

Class begins Monday, March 23, 2015 10:30 EST
Dates of Class
Monday March 23, 2015- Introduction to Your Intuition!
Monday March 30, 2015- Shake it off! Letting it go, Learning to Trust!
Monday April 6, 2015- We are never alone! Our Soul Family!
Monday April 13, 2015- Our Soul’s Divine Blueprint!
Monday April 20, 2015- Learning to Fly!
Monday April 27, 2015-Celebrate the NEW!

Crystal Power

Crystal Power


Higher Heart Activation 1

New Video
Higher Heart Activation 1
This is me channeling my Twin Flame through sacred sound combined with the last 12 grids I have created about the Higher Heart energy. Just allow yourself to breathe and connect with your heart energy as you watch the grids. Namaste, Christia

New Higher Heart Energies

Greetings Dear Ones! The energy of the last few days have allowed us all to step up again to access Higher Dimensional Energy and into our Higher Heart energies. More light and love is available to us, and now is the time to anchor it down into our physical 3D earth plane and physical bodies. The Daily Grid images of the last two days brings in the help of the crystal kingdom to assist with this process. I will continue to create more grids over the next few days to assist us with this. Please sit with the images, meditate with them, feel their energies helping you. Much love and light to you all, Christia

Angel Self Activation

Angel Self Activation

Anchoring the Heart Light


A Year of Healing with the Angels

A Year of Healing with the Angels

On-Line Access for a Year

This week ONLY $99 (Total Value $283)

2 Classes

Angel Communication 101 Class

Learn to begin to establish a connection with your Guardian Angel and Angel Team. (Value $22)

Angels, Angels, Angels 9 week Class

This course is a 9 week course. Each lesson is designed to help you connect with your Angels and is an activation in itself. The course has 9 meditation audios and 9 Angel Heart Activators. (Value $99)

12 Angelic Healing Reiki Calls (Total Value $132)

This monthly call is dedicated to bring you the Healing energy of the Angels through long distance healing energy of Reiki, meditation, and sound therapy. The Angels come through my voice and everyone receives the Angelic Reiki Energy.

3 Ebooks (Total Value $30)

Smiling Heart Garden of Delights is a coloring book for all ages.. Come and allow yourself to color and make your heart smile.

28 Days to Divine Inspiration Step by step, day by day for 28 days this workbook takes the reader on an inner journey of self discovery using practical daily affirmations, quotes, and gratitude awareness.

A Colorful Journey into Angelic Heart Reiki. Three new symbols to use with the help of the Angelic Realm. Expand your healing practice while working with the Angels with these new symbols. Guided Meditations, exercises, coloring, gratitude, and more make this a healing journey of the Heart.

Angel Heart Blessing 1

Angel Heart Blessing 1

Angelic Crystal Wisdom

Angelic Crystal Wisdom

6 week Tele-class/Web class
$222 (includes all class materials including crystals)

Sign up before July 24th ONLY $182

Payment due by August 1st to reserve space

Beginning August 7th
Thursday’s 9pm E.S.T.

Week 1- Crystals and Grounding Your Soul Light Body
Week 2-Crystal Vibrations and how they can help you
Week 3 -Crystals and Your Chakras
Week 4-Sacred Geometry and Crystal Grids
Week 5- Crystal Reiki
Week 6- Crystal care and maintenance

What you will experience:
Intention Prayer
Guided Mediation
Lecture on the Power of Crystals in our daily lives
Practical exercises to experience this power
Intuition expansion exercises
Chakra Balancing
Crystal Reiki
Using Crystals to send and amplify healing energy
How to build a crystal grid
How to crystal grid a human body
How to clear and maintain your crystal collection
How to choose the right stones for you
Crystal Vibrations and how they can help you
Soul Light Crystal Activation
Crystal care and maintenance

What you receive:
-6 Mp3 class weekly recordings ($150 value)
-Crystal Chakra Set will include specific crystals for you ($35 value)

-Bonus crystals based on your personal needs ($25 value)
-White Sage and Feather ($9 value)
-6 Laminated Crystal Grids Templates ($150 value)

-Chakra Balance Bracelet designed just for you ($25 value)
– Access to Angelic Crystal Wisdom weekly webpage ($unlimited value)

+ FREE shipping priority mail ($12.95 value)

the daily grid 74 wr

Radiate the Love that YOU are!

Dear Beloved Children of the Light, We come forth this day to encourage you to Radiate the LOVE that you ARE!! No holding back any more! NO more waiting for the right time to do the right thing! Every moment that you are alive is the right time! Every moment is the right moment to BE the LOVE that you already are! You are not separate from your Light, your LOVE. The Soul Light that animates your physical form is pure LOVE. Your Soul is LOVE. YOU are LOVE. We ask that you let go of the walls in your mind that have been created over lifetimes and eons of illusion. We ask that you just feel your Soul, feel the LOVE that you truly are. This crystal grid was specifically designed to help let down those mind barriers that block you from feeling and being your LOVE, the purity that you are. Dear Ones, we are so proud of your progress but there is much, much more to come! No worries, we love you and are always here for you. Thank you, The Ascended Higher Archangels and the Legions of Light

Radiate the Love that you are!

Radiate the Love that you are!

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