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Embrace your Light! The Ascended Archangels

Dear Beloved Children of the Light! Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice in the Return of the Light! We surround your Earth this day in the Highest of Love and Light! We bring forth the most magnificent pure Love Light from the Ascended Higher Realms for each one of you and your Beloved Mother Earth! Take a moment and close your eyes and breathe in this Love Light, it is a myriad of colors, a Rainbow Ray of Love Light, flowing in easy and effortlessly in and around you with your breath. Be with this for a few moments, practice being with these new frequencies flowing down into your dimension. The Divine Gateways of the Ascended Realms have opened and what was once restricted now flows easily, connect with these Ascended Higher Frequencies of Love Light. Allow the Love Light into your Heart. Allow yourself to feel your Soul’s Light embrace these Ascended Higher Frequencies of Love Light. Dear Ones, as you open to these Higher frequencies it will become easier and easier as your body entrains to these Higher Love Light energies. Dear Ones, Ask your Angels for assistance with this, spend time connecting, listening, being and embracing who you are, your LIGHT! We love you Dear Ones, and are grateful this day to make this heart connection with you all. Thank you, The Ascended Archangels


You must do it! The Arch Angels

Dear Beloved Children of the Light, We come forth this day to beam our love and light into your hearts. We know many changes are and have been happening to your unseen eye. And we can feel your angst on the lack of change that seems to be or not be progressing on your 3D Human Planet. But again we reassure you that change is here Dear Ones…..and it is time that you start acting like it! Every moment and every breath you breathe is an opportunity to align with your Soul Light self. Make it your daily prayer that you are aligned with your Highest Self, aligned with all your Light, all your Good, all your Love! Say it out loud! Shout it to the Sky! You must claim your Soul Light! Dear Ones, Earth is a free-will zone….and because of this you must still direct your life in the way you want to go…you must still consciously choose Good!!! Choose the Light, just because you have hit some date in your 3D Human calender does not make for the New Earth to magically appear or have some E.T. come and save you Dear Ones. YOU must anchor your Soul Light, YOUR Love in and through YOUR human body! The energy is lighter and easier than ever before and there is soooooo much love and support here for you, but we can not do it for you, you must do it yourself! We love you Dear Ones, and are here for you. Please call on us at anytime. Thank you, The Arch Angels

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